Moving Walkways

Global Engineers manufactures and design finest moving walkways which are most commonly used in airports to help passengers carry their luggage trouble-free along with experiencing outstanding charm of travelling with super quality. We focus on long service life, convenient maintenance and eco-efficiency. We have a strong and healthy team to cater your needs. In the past decade there has been a rise in the amount of moving walks in India. Our designed product can be used for both horizontal and inclined transportation of traffic of all kinds be it passengers or luggage. Our moving walk adopts internationally advanced technology and design idea for manufacturing with features like balanced operation, low noise, long service life, and convenient maintenance and so on. Our walkways are built to handle more number of passengers at a time. It can be used to move more number of people for a shorter distance with ease comfort and safety. The visuals of our product are very aesthetic and attractive which adds elegance and class to the property it has been installed in. Apart from the visual appeal, the design and the dynamics of the machine are also state of the art. Our walkways exquisite structure, excellent stairs, delicate belts, and luxurious appearance provide passengers a comfortable and fashionable feeling, experiencing outstanding charm of travelling with superior quality. We prove as one of the most preferred moving walkway manufacturer in India.

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