Luxury Elevators

Global Engineers established itself as the premier brand and manufacturing company for custom and luxury residential and commercial elevators. We design and manufacture a wide range of custom luxury elevators, such as Round Elevators, Glass Elevators, Antique Elevators, Birdcage Elevators, and Vintage Elevators along with Super Yacht Elevators. Our luxury elevator is completely customizable and it comes in a wide range of design and finish options to meet any individual need. The latest designs, premium materials and advanced technologies are combined with our industry knowledge and on-going product improvements in order to meet high quality benchmarks and performance standards. A luxury lift adds the style and comfort of your property while providing convenient access to all levels of the building. Our elevators are made up of top quality materials and offer various material choices to build your own lift. With the perfect combination of form and function, this elevator utilizes the hydraulic and structural components of a small commercial elevator. Fully customizable interiors, finishes, and fixtures, this elevator boasts a full array of home style and décor integration. We custom and build high end luxury elevators for lavish homes, commercial buildings, museums and shopping malls. We consider safety paramount. Choosing the right luxury elevator can dramatically enhance your quality of life, while increasing your property value.

Why do you choose to use luxury elevators?

  • Improved safety when compared to standard and other models
  • Ensures secured mobility and absolute convenience
  • Add value to your property and offers the ultimate return on your investment
  • Advanced functions like emergency stop, safety break to prevent free falls, non-slip surfaces, glide-away doors, built-in telephone, LED lighting, backup battery, see-through panels, and more
  • Perfect fit for your modern home décor and improves your quality of living

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