Hospital Elevators

No modern clinic or hospital can manage without an elevator providing fast and safe transportation of patients and medical personnel. Even if the building has only two floors, the installation of the elevator is necessarily provided at the design stage. Global Engineer brings in world class tested and proven innovative technology in manufacturing hospital elevators. Safe, smooth and reliable elevator designed especially for hospitals, with a solid set of features for optimum performance in the highly demanding environment of patient transportation. Our specialized car design elevators made to accommodate the bed and medical equipment, with wide opening doors following smooth entry and exit: precise levelling for easy entry of wheelchairs, beds and patients. Human life is more important and valuable than anything else. We manufacture hospital elevators as semi-auto, full auto or hydraulic as per the requirement. Our interior decoration of hospital elevators is designed as stainless and the lighting is kept at level that does not disturb the patient. We make provision for priority or emergency calls for immediate availability during emergency situations. Our elevators are manufactured in accordance with international standards by using high grade raw material, procured from the authentic vendors. Along with this, our experts monitor every stage of production, so as to maintain higher quality standards.

We focus on:

  • Carrying capacity: The area of the hospital lift should allow the patient on a gurney and the accompanying hospital staff to be transported, while it is desirable to have additional space for emergency procedures and transportation of necessary equipment.
  • Lighting: Almost all modern hospital lifts are equipped with LED lights that consume a minimum of energy with maximum light output. In some cases the medical assistance should be rendered right inside the elevator, so the requirements for lighting are very strict.
  • Smooth riding: For transporting seriously ill patients, it is necessary to minimize the level of vibration that can affect not only the patient's condition, but also the work of auxiliary equipment.
  • High stop accuracy: Since hospital elevators are more used to transport patients on gurneys or wheelchairs, even a small difference between the floor levels of the elevator and the floor creates additional difficulties for the patient's way in or out.
  • Increased requirements for hygiene: The surfaces of the hospital elevator car should be made of certified materials that can be sanitized with disinfectants.

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