Commercial Elevators

Global Engineers manufactures RELIABLE AND HIGH-QUALITY elevators for using at commercial and public areas. We design world class elevators conforming to all international standards with standard and custom sizes. We design and manufacture heavy duty service elevator for commercial building including office, retail, hotel, hospital, public transportation and many more. As an independently owned elevator company, we understand each building owner’s needs and can cater their project, or maintenance program, to meet and exceed their expectations.  Our commercial elevator is built and designed with outstanding quality, comfort, and safety in mind, with various options to fit both new and old buildings perfectly. These elevators are designed to transport both passengers and goods.  We create elevators that client can trust for their safety and those of their loved ones every day. Our elevators have at least 25 years lifespan of service. We follow three fundamental principles:

  • Safety – safe performance of the elevator at all times
  • Reliability – a consistently safe and efficient performance with minimum maintenance
  • Efficiency – low energy consumption

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