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Global Engineers, an industrys best elevator manufacturing company in eastern region of India. We make elevation easier with our widest product range and world class design using most advanced, trusted elevator technologies and hi-tech equipment. Our business activities have been bundled in segments like Materials Services, Industrial Components, Automotive Technology and Maintenance. We stock a full range of replacement parts while providing engineering services, field management, installation and emergency call out service.

Global Engineers creates long-term value with innovative products, technologies and services and helps make life better for future generations following all international standards. We are determined to play a major role and provide quality product with all international standard in transportation of all kinds. We with help of our highly trained engineers provide best customer experience making peoples journeys safe, convenient and reliable. As an independently owned elevator company, we understand each building owners needs and can cater their project, or maintenance program, to meet and exceed their expectations.

Global Engineers aims to improve the flow of urban life in this fast changing world making peoples journey safe, easy and reliable.

Global Engineers vision is to lead the industry and to partner with global organisation for the development of the urban and as well as the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you meet the power failure or power line failure during the elevator running, the elevator will automatically stop, and its not dangerous. Because the elevator itself with electrical and mechanical safety device. In case of power failure, elevator brake can automatically operate, so that it cant run. In addition, the power supply departments such as planned outage, prior notice, elevators or advance stopped running.

In the elevator door closing process, if people or things touch the hall door, the door of elevator will automatically restart, and its safe. Because the door is provided with anti-clamping switch, once the gate to touch the person or thing, this switching action make the elevator cant closed, and reopened, and then shut the door. In addition, closing force is required, and it will not hurt person.

Elevator has a car and a counterweight, connect them through the wire rope, wire rope through the drive (tractor) traction drive, make the elevator cabin up and down on the elevator guide rail.

The elevator wire rope has special provisions of the state and requirements. Configuration not only for wire rope for elevator capsules and rated load, also considered the size of the traction, as a result, the tensile strength of wire rope greatly is greater than the weight of the lift, the safety factor of them are more than 12, usually equipped with more than four wire rope, elevator wire rope is generally not break at the same time.
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